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Knob Noster High School Flag

Pictured below is the new school flag in its permanent home in the KNHS gym. The flag was created by Melissa Morehead (Phillips, '76) from the original 1966-67 design. The new flag was donated to KNHS on October 13, 2006. Here's more information about the flag dedication.

School Flag 2006
Flag Close-up
In design
Here's the new school flag in progress in 2005. Thanks to Melisa Morehead (Phillips, '76) for her work on the redesigned flag. Please see the explanation at right for the symbolism of each component.
Thanks to Jim Marshall (1967) for this photo of the school flag from the 1967 Knobna
KNHS crest
This school crest was submitted to us by Kathy Steinkamp (Falcone, '82). This is (or at least was) used on graduation announcements. Note the similarities to the school flag's overall design.

The following contributed by Bonnie (Vogler, '69) Smale
According to the "History of the Knob Noster School District" written by Sue Scott in 1984 the students in 1965 decided there needed to be a school flag.

Students submitted designs for the flag and crest with Ron Harmon (class of 1968) submitting the winning design. An orange field with a black diagonal stripe was chosen. The crest was divided in 3 equal parts. The left is a lyre and painters palette to represent fine arts and beauty in the school. The right is the victor's laurel symbolizing the attainment of the best. This also represents the victorious achievements of the athletic department. In the center is the lamp of knowledge. This symbolizes truth and is the most important of the three areas. The shield is unified by placement of laurel branches. This signifies unity within the school. The stately and powerful panther watches over and protects the entire crest.

The five by eight foot flag was constructed by Mrs. Julia Weikal. She did a great deal of hand work. The flag was dedicated February 3, 1967 by Student Council President Scott Saults and was hung in the Senior High School Gym.

After originally mentioning the lost school flag we had a lot of interest in the iissue. Because of the efforts of several alumni providing photos and descriptions we now have a replica of the original 1967 flag. Thanks very much to Melisa Morehead (Phillips, '76) for volunteering to sew a new flag for the high school. The replica is done on heavy material and is approximately 5 foot x 8 foot in size.