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Athletic Recognition Boards

Picture yourself back at KNHS standing in the gym lobby where the benches are located. You’re facing the senior photos. Now, turn around and look on the wall behind you. What’s there? The track record board, of course. That board is one of the most looked at features of the high school. Visiting alumni, fans coming to the gym for matches or games, and students waiting in line for lunch all see it. A committee of alumni and community members has a plan to make major improvements to that board and to add recognition for all of Knob Noster High School’s sports teams.

The committee’s vision is to replace the track record board with two large screen, flat panel TV monitors. These monitors will display not only the records of all of the sports, but will also be able to display additional accomplishments and historical data that can normally not be included on a fixed-letter board. Besides displaying the actual records and accomplishments the monitors can also be used to display photos of recordholders, game footage, archival photos from yearbooks, and any number of items of interest to alumni.

In addition to the two monitors the committee also plans to install two touch screen controllers so that visitors to the gym lobby can scroll through the pages at their own pace or search for specific information. This will make the display much more interactive and give the visitor better control of what they view.

This entire project, consisting of monitors, touch screens, computer, specialized software, and accessory equipment, is to be funded privately; although Knob Noster High School administration supports the plan, no school district funds will be used. To set up the complete system will take approximately $12,000. The Athletic Recognition Committee is soliciting donations from alumni and community members to fund this project. The committee is working directly with the Knob Noster Education Security Trust (KNEST) so that all donations will be tax-deductible. If you would like to contribute, please send a check to:

Attention: KNEST: Athletic Recognition Committee
First Community Bank
200 N. State
Knob Noster, MO 65336

You may also donate by credit card by using the KNAA.org PayPal site.

The Athletic Recognition Committee is currently comprised of the following members:
Jimmy Connors
Jeff Davis
Monte Hodson
Tom Hughes
Robin Krause
Randy Rittman
Jesse Sahlfeld